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Tru Clean Hair Wipes
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About Tru Clean™

Tru Clean™ Hair and Scalp Cleansing Wipes were developed by Lashondria Simpson-Camp, MD, a board certified General Surgeon and Breast Surgical Oncologist, after experiencing difficulty keeping her hair and scalp clean while wearing protective styles. Additionally, Dr. Camp noticed that shampooing her hair while wearing protective style decreased the longevity of the style, and took several hours for her hair to completely dry.

With the assistance of her twin sister Shalondria Simpson, PharmD, Dr. Camp was able to compound ingredients that would effectively remove excess oils and debri while leaving the scalp and hair balanced with moisture. She also included ingredients to promote hair growth and decrease itching and flaking. Understanding that hair types are different and require varying amounts of moisture, Dr. Camp has created two different formulations, to provide the correct balance for excess oil removal, without over drying.

PF-Physicians Formula

Active Ingredients:

Pantothenic Acid
(Vitamin B5)
(Vitamin B6)
Ionic Zinc
Ascorbic Acid
(Vitamin C)
Organic Herbs

Other Ingredients:

Aqua (Purified Water)
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera)
Lemon Juice
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
Citrus Grandis Extract (Grapefruit-Seed Oil)
Citric Acid

Patent pending. 

Distributed by:

L. Camp, LLC
DBA Tru Essence Cosmetic and Medical Spa
1725 Main St Ste 2
Houston, TX 77002